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ORE Face Mist

ORE Face Mist

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Infuse Your Day with a Spritz of Paradise - ORE's Tropical Essence Mist. Revitalize your skin with:
  • Instantly banishes the dryness 
  • A quenching dose of coconut water
  • Rose extracts to ease your skin
  • Firming power of hibiscus for natural anti-aging
  • Keep your makeup impeccable
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ORE’s Ultimate Skin Elixir

Resurrection for weary skin, bringing life back to your complexion. Coconut water imbues your skin with electrolytes for hydration, rose extract soothes while hibiscus gently exfoliates and increases cell turnover for a youthful, radiant complexion. 

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Flawless with


Dot, Blend, Adore


Stress-Free Coverage

Flawless with



Skin-Loving Wear


All-Day Stay

ORE's Secret:Dewy Durability

Beyond setting makeup, our Mist offers a protective barrier that keeps your skin's glow guarded and revered throughout the day's challenges.

Shine Bright, Day or Night with ORE


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